Poem 13/09/18

On my shoulder blades
Sits a heavy weight
Like the conscience
Of all the things
I could have done wrong

My body sometimes
Like a prison keeping me
From doing all the things
I should have done

And there is nothing
In this thick ground,
My heart buried,
Than tangling roots


Poem 12/09/18

Have you never
Been in
This much pain?

When the sea
Crashed against the shores
Made of grey granite
Did you feel nothing
But an empty echo of

When they gilded you
Above us,
Did you forget
To spare even
A pitying glance
Down at the mere mortals
You came from?

Poem 8/09/18

In the end
I didn’t grab
The cup until
Its ghost rose
To my empty hand,
And left me
Staring at its
Broken body
On the floor

I chose
Not to sweep it
The memories too precious
To throw away
But the fractured pieces
Left more scars and
Bloody pools
Than soothed my heart

The lingering ghost
Cried at my pain
But I did not
Chose not to understand
That the pain wasn’t your
Or mine

So I have chosen
To let it go
Because even should
The cup heal
Even if I should heal
In the end,
It will never be the same

Poem 6/09/18

If dark clouds
Only bring misery
Why did the
Overcast sky
Bring me clarity?

Losing is not
Becoming lost
I gained myself
Every time I lost
My past

Death is not
The end
But the beginning
When I killed
Who I had become
I became
Who I am

If rain
Only brings sadness
Why did the
Tears in my eyes
Set me free?